What Is Blue & Green Day Mid-South?

The Mid-South Transplant Foundation, as part of the National Donate Life America’s month-long campaign, is bringing local awareness to the need for organ and tissue donation. We need YOUR help turning the Mid-South Blue and Green!

On Friday, April 16, 2021:

• The “Mighty Lights” will be lit in Blue and Green on the cables of the Big River Crossing and the Hernando de Soto Bridges.
• Community and corporate partners throughout the city will wear or showcase Blue and Green.
• We encourage everyone to visit MidSouthTransplant.org/register to register as an organ and tissue donor.

Why celebrate Blue and Green Day Mid-South?

Right now, there are more than 4,000 people in the Mid-South waiting for a life-saving transplant – with more than 89% waiting for a kidney caused by high blood pressure and diabetes. By participating you bring attention to this critical issue, spur discussions among families, and save lives in the Mid-South by inspiring others to register as organ and tissue donors.


Are You A Registered Organ and Tissue Donor? – If not – Click here!

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