Here’s how you can participate
in Blue & Green Day

• Register as an organ and tissue donor at
• Break out your favorite Blue & Green clothing and encourage others to do the same. Take photos, post them on social media and submit them to our photo contest. Remember to tag Mid-South Transplant Foundation in your posts!
• Virtually gather your co-workers, family, neighbors, social club or sorority for a Zoom call hosted by Mid-South Transplant Foundation. An MSTF Coordinator will explain donation from A-Z, answer any questions you have about donation and why it’s important to register.
• Light your home, office and fountain in blue and green lights to show support for donation.
• Decorate your car in blue and green.
• Come up with creative blue and green recipes. Show off your dish on social media.
• Have fun by polishing your nails or coloring your hair blue and green.
• Invent your own creative way to display your support. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!



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